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Ignite your purpose. 

Reclaim your life.

Life Coaching, Counseling and Therapeutic private and group spiritual intensives designed to help you discover who you are, why you’re here, and what’s getting in the way of you fully living that out. 

Kathy Stommel Life Coach and Licensed Therapist LPC-MHSP

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You are here for a reason and you deserve to live deeply connected to your purpose. The problem is...

  • Old programming and bad theology have clouded your vision

  • You can’t stop comparing yourself to others

  • You feel like you’re either too much or not enough

  • You struggle with understanding what having an ‘identity in Christ’ means

  • You aren’t sure you have what it takes to live your dreams

You shouldn’t have to struggle to find your purpose. 

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Experience a life-changing therapeutic experience coupled with the direction and guidance an experienced professional through healing love and wisdom. You have value and a creative purpose. Come and be set free of self-consciousness, fear, depression,  loneliness, and whatever else is holding you back.


God has something to say to you. About your identity. About your purpose. About your worth. By praying with you and for you, together we will listen to what God is saying to you in order that you might be fully healed. Wholeness is waiting for you.


We are wounded in relationship, but we also heal through relationship. The intensive process is deeply healing and when guided by an experienced professional counselor, utterly life changing. Come prepared to be fully seen, and loved for who you are.

We get it – finding your purpose can be hard.

You are not alone. After working with hundreds of clients and leading therapeutic workshops for survivors of complex trauma, I know that your pain and confusion are real.

We also know there is hope.


It doesn’t have to be this way. Let a skilled clinical and the healing power of God guide you to the restoration that is your birthright so you can live a purpose-filled, joy-filled life.


Kathy’s clinical expertise combined with her supernatural ability to hear God speaking changed my life. I am more than transformed after attending a therapeutic intensive with her.


As a survivor of complex trauma, and a lifelong Christian, I struggled to find healing. I did all the right things. Prayed all the prayers. Read my Bible every day. Never missed a Sunday of church. And yet still I was lost and suffering from intractable insomnia, clinical depression, PTSD, and more. 

Not only have I found genuine, irrevocable healing from these things and more, I am happier than I have ever been and closer with God than I knew was possible. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from attending an intensive with Kathy and her team. 

I am thankful for her life and her deep passion to help people heal. 


What’s included in

the Therapeutic Spiritual Intensive?


After creating a safe group atmosphere, Role play and parts work are used as powerful therapeutic methods to gain insight and wisdom into one’s life for healing and transformation. 


Utilizing the creative arts to open your heart and access the right part of your brain, helping you to uncover deep innate wisdom to help you navigate towards a deep spiritual connection, self-love, and purpose.


Kathy Stommel LCP-MSPH brings a rich palette of teaching on spirituality, love, purpose, connection, vagus nerve stress responses, cognitive-behavioral thought processes, and deep wise counsel.

In addition, highly talented professional licensed counselors will join and bring their experience, professional abilities, and talents.


For Group Intensives- Each destination will be filled with inviting trails that we will incorporate in our guided meditations and purposeful prayer walks.


The dining experience is one of the highlights of the Igniting Purpose group program. From breakfast through dinner and every food & beverage service in between, Igniting Purpose hires a top-notch team of chefs and waitstaff, serving five-course meals for dinner. The cuisine is prepared fresh on-site and served with just the right touch. Igniting Purpose acquires their food from local vendors who raise their animals in a humane, grass-fed, and chemical-free environment, and who grow their produce organically.


After a connection is established, guests are able to help each other heal wounds through group processes and repair past relationships. We are hurt through people and therefore need each other to heal.


For group intensives-special guests will lead us into worship combined with teaching on the healing power of sound and transformative prayer.


The presence of the Holy Spirit will be apparent, and we will open to the limitless power of God’s Word and invite the miraculous.


In the group intensive-group connection and safety begin to develop, and the result is a joy-filled experience! Through love and joy, we will enjoy laughter and find freedom in being able to be ourselves without judgment.


For group intensives-Each room reserved overlooks beautiful country views. All rooms have an outside porch to meditate, read, and soak in the serene, peaceful environment. 

We encourage sharing a room to increase the community experience.

How it Works

Book a Call

We want to connect with you! Book a call so we can talk about the details for a private or weekend intensive.

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Attend the Intensive

Your presence at this workshop is no mistake. Gain new tools, experience deep emotional healing, identify (and overcome) the roadblocks getting in your way and leave more integrated than ever before.

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Live your purpose

Those things that were holding you back are a thing of the past. Our goal is for you to go home deeply healed and restored spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. 

You deserve to

feel connected to God

and your purpose. 

The problem is you are not sure how to pinpoint what your purpose is exactly, and you’re not sure where to begin to find out. This leaves you feeling frustrated, isolated, and disconnected from God, yourself, and others. You were designed with a purpose. You should not feel confused about why you are alive on this earth, or who you are in relationship to God. 

With guided counsel from our team + Holy Spirit, you can experience lasting transformation that changes your life and sets you free to pursue your God-given dreams.  


How to Receive God's Love Workbook

We'll email you the workbook shortly!
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