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Christianity and Psychology

Faith leaders have brought confusing messages to the body of Christ in reference to therapy and counseling which has created a tremendous gap between church and therapy. To seek help with tools to help us walk through times of emotional challenge is not a lack of trust in God, but rather leaning into wisdom. God has gifted the body of Christ with talented and knowledgeable counselors who have been called to help bring emotional and spiritual healing. Struggling with depression and anxiety is not a sign of a lack of faith. Sometimes “praying it away” is not effective if one does not have the wisdom and tools to know how to process pain.

Jesus experienced the grief of Lazarus' death, knowing He would raise him from the dead. He modeled for us the need to release the expression of grief. Many times people belief they are not in faith if they are feeling sadness, disappointment or anger.

Our emotions can help us understand ourselves and deepen our experience of our relationship with God. We do not have to be led by them, but they can help us become more congruent with our understanding of how we are experiencing ourselves in relationship with others. This will help know what we need, how to ask for what we need which will in turn give us the ability to love more deeply.

If indeed you fulfill the royal Law in accordance with the Scripture, You shall love your neighbor as you love yourself, you do well. James 2:8

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